UPDATED – What happened at the #BlackBerry10 Launch Event

The much-talked-about BlackBerry 10 is finally here and it is launching in a few hours from now. We will be live-blogging the event and giving updates as it happens. You can also follow us on twitter for more updates. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: This is what went down at the event launch and we are glad to share. Thanks for stopping by even if you missed the event proper.


And that is it for the #BlackBerry10 launch. Our readers in UK, are you getting yours tomorrow? Let’s know.


We see a new dawn for BlackBerry. But meanwhile, their stocks have gone down terribly in the US. What do you think? #BlackBerry10


And the official launch is over. Great stuff happening at BlackBerry. Name change. New devices. New People. Culture Change. #BlackBerry10


Apps, Books, Music and Video are all available on the new BlackBerry World.


Nobody will lack for content on the #BlackBerry10 platform. You can install apps simultaneously. You don’t need to reboot after installation too.


Business apps, Travel apps, Social apps are already on the platform. This is the best new platform anywhere in the world. #BlackBerry10


Over 1000 of top applications from around the world, from every category and region all coming on board for #BlackBerry10.


Skype is in, Amazon Kindle, Whatsapp, SAP and Angry Birds are all committed to #BlackBerry10


The VP of Business Development speaking on partnering with various 3rd party content producers.


This is the new BlackBerry. They’ve been working hard with 3rd party content producers including movie studios, music artistes and application developers.


Now, BlackBerry Story Maker allows you to build stories by bringing together pictures, videos and sound tracks too to make a motion picture.


BlackBerry 10 camera has an inbuilt picture editor so you can have those great camera moments.


Blackberry 10 camera is about creating that perfect shot.


BlackBerry Remember – not just the emails but everything you have worked on even down to your notes and you can organize your things better.


Introducing BBM video – make video calls directly from your BBM. Simply astounding. And also BBM Screenshot.


Everything on the new BlackBerry devices is realtime and deeply integrated into social networks, both professional and personal.


Introducing Blackberry Balance for the enterprise and the individuals who run the enterprise. Everything is different in both sides.


The new keyboard recognizes most languages and even switches in mid-sentences. That is just awesome and the best typing experience on any device.


The calendar is also included in the Blackberry hub, so apart from notifications, you can also see your next appointments and it will pull every detail from social networks so you know exactly who and what you are doing.


The BlackBerry Hub brings every notification to one single spot – facebook, twitter, email, linkedin and so much more. All your activities in one place.


The gesture is fluid, flowing, fast and fantastic. BlackBerry Flow delivers real multitasking.


The cover was specially designed for the products, you won’t find them anywhere else. Lighter, stronger, clearer.


BB10 integrates social messages with your work. We heard you loud and clear and here it is – the physical keyboard stays.


After a list of people Heins wants to thank, we’ve moved on to our first big announcement: RIM has changed its name to BlackBerry.


Over the past few years, BlackBerry has fallen quite hard and RIM is hoping that this will be the beginning of a great come back. The share price has recently started increasing from a very low that it was in August 2012.


We are up and running right now and glad to let you know that we will giving you live updates from the BB10 launch event. Please follow us on twitter – @WebTrendsNG or simply stay on this page. This page will automatically refresh every 60 seconds so don’t touch anything, just relax and enjoy the ride. You might wanna grab a coke and gala now though. 😉

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