Breaking: GoDaddy’s Server Taken Down.

In a what seemed to be a sort of vendetta against the domain registrar, GoDaddy, their servers have been attacked by a member of the popular group of hackers known as Anonymous. The member known as AnonymousOwn3r claims to be attacking GoDaddy to test how safe their security is and also for a few undisclosed reasons.

The attack was successful as several sites hosted with the registrar went down including the registrar’s site – GoDaddy is aware of the situation and they are feverishly working to rectify the situation.

They have also apologized for the situation.

Some of the affected sites include, and Nigeria’s own is part of those currently affected amongst others.

UPDATE: Most of the sites are back online and the issue has sort of been rectified. Sort of, because GoDaddy’s servers are apparently still down but the sites are now being connected using Verisign’s servers.

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