Can you hire a female developer in your company?

Before you rush off to answer yes, think critically about it.

Few hours from now, the very first meeting of Nigerian female developers will take place at the Co-creation Hub with the tag which was coined by another technology-focused blog.

Let’s hope the real female geeks will turn up but really, looking at the tech scene in Nigeria, there are approximately 20 male geeks to a female geek (source: my guess) and so many reasons have been bandied around in trying to decipher why this is so. Ranging from lack of commitment to catering for families but none of them really holds water for me. I have tried to rationalize and say that women should be better programmers because they usually excel more than the men in school.

However a whole of sacrifice go into becoming a good programmer and I doubt if any woman has that gut. I am not being chauvinistic, it is just factual. I am yet to see a lady tell me she stayed up all because her codes didn’t work. Clients have called me at 1am because they visited their portal and something was wrong and I had to fix it before going back to bed (if I eventually have the chance to do so). They can be good with cramming syntaxes and codes but when it comes down to it, can you really entrust your mission-critical stuff into the hand of a Nigerian female developer?

Don’t get me wrong, I have met wonderful female developers but at some point, that push that a male will put into his handiwork that will make him outstanding is somehow missing in a female developer. But on the flipside, women can be very creative with stuff when they have the right push. So I will ask three questions, (for the Pagas, Jumias, Kongas, INITS, MTN, etisalat and all other tech companies) – can you hire a Nigerian female developer? Do you have any Nigerian female developer in your employ? How will you rate their performance compared to their male counterparts?

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