Converged Examination Management Technology Platform in Nigeria


A centralized exam registration portal for Nigerian exams, JAMB, NABTEB and NECO championed this time by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Before now, the 3 examination bodies run their respective website,,, but now all registration will be conducted on


As stated on the website the main benefits of this platform is that it provides;


A single unified payment for examination services at reduced cost;

A better applicant’s identity management solution for the examination bodies;

A single point of access to activities relating to Nigeria’s three major examination bodies:


Students are required to create a CEMTP profile before registering for any of the exams, this single profile will be used to populate the details required for all the exams. To create the account student will have to purchase a scratch for as little as N300 saving as much as 600-700 Naira.


The site is being developed 3 Tech firms: SW Global Limited, Fleet Technologies Limited, Global Portal Services Limited. While most parts of the site are under-construction, I must commend this step to unify the exams.


Though under the exam bodies supervision, the sites were well administered we hope the Ministry of Education will be able to handle it effectively.

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  1. WOW! This is interesting and really a very good initiative. It saves both the students and examination bodies; data accuracy, flexibility and maximum security.

    I love this one; maybe I’d re-blog it.

    Thanks Shittu.

  2. Possicon says:

    Yea Ahmad! it will save them a lot and also helps prevent impersonation to a certain level.
    Data can easily be harmonized and verified effectively!

  3. GCE says:

    I want to view my neco result

  4. Why will neco just cancel a whole center results without leaving out some candidates who are absolutely innocent? Explaination is needed here.