What colour should female geeks be known with?

During the last week, there was a brief discussion over a certain term which was being used to describe female geeks. The argument for the term is that most females like the colour pink while the argument for states that it is a form of stereotyping as most known female geeks do not like the pink colour or any shade of it.

So we decided to ask the female geeks in our midst – what colour would you rather be known by? And is there really a need for a distinction – a geek is a geek be it male, female or hermaphrodite? So here goes, please fill in the form below and let us know if you think there is need for a distinction.



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  1. Nnenna says:

    Really funny you should ask this question.  Black is the colour of all geeks. And in the geekworld, we dont care whether you are male, female or a hemaphrodite.. We wear black… simple.

    If you are attending any IT event anywhere around the Silicon Valley or Bay area.. you dont need to be told.. we were a black shirt on jeans..