GTBank upgrades website

Earlier this month, on the 3rd of October, we stumbled upon the new GTBank website while they were testing and we talked about it. Unfortunately, it was taken down before we could a screenshot of it. As at that time, some of the links were still broken and the CSS had a hard time loading.


Fast forward to 2weeks later, it was finally put up with all the functionality now in place and of course, it was typical GTBank style – all bells and whistles but the human-ware are not responsive.


We submitted a valid complaint through the Complaints form of the Customer Care section and we are yet to get a response. I believe the reason is because there is something still wrong at the back end as evidenced by this next screenshot.


While we are satisfied that GTBank take their online channels very seriously, if they are not working, they are not worth being put up. Besides, their internet banking portal still retains the same old design so we hope they’ll look towards that area too.



Oh, and you can also now open an account with them online and simply show up at your chosen branch to finalize the process.


While this is not exactly a review, we like the design but we hope all the functionality works as soon as possible. Why don’t you check out the website and let us know what you think. Thank you.

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