Information Security Seminar

A platform where we will be discussing security and the latest threats

Email account Security
Laptop Security
Facebook Security
Wireless Security
Bluetooth Security
Website security
Participant will be able to detect how to notice when they have been hacked
They will also be able to prevent themselves from being hacked.
How facebook accounts gets hacked and how to prevent it.
How do hackers hack into website and how to prevent such incidents.
How do we enhance our security and prevent us from being hacked
Information Security as a profession.
How you can begin a career in Information SecurityParticipants will learn how to protect their data from being hacked.
The facebook hack and how we can prevent it
Email hack and how to prevent it.
Wireless hack and how to prevent itWe will also showcase several data security products:
Password safe
System security software
Network Monitoring tools
Wireless security tools
Antimalware/ Antivirus

Who should attend?
    Information Security professional
    Ethical hackers
    Forensics Investigators
    Database Administrators
    Anyone using information and communication systems
    Those aspiring to start a career in Information Security
Organizing Company: Cyber Information Communication Technology Services
Date: 2nd March 2013
Venue: 1st Floor Buffallo plaza No 2  Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos. Beside MTN office
Cost:N 500
For more details: Contact +2347037288651

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Profession:Information Security Professional, Ethical Hacker and Digital Forensics Investigator. Penetration tester, Malware analysts .....