MTN, seriously?

A few weeks ago, more than a few subscribers were overjoyed when the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) mandated all mobile networks to reduce their inter-network tariff to #4 on or before 5th of February, 2013 since interconnection rates had been reduced to #1. So I waited for the magic date and lo and behold, sms tariff was truly reduced and I felt that the regulatory body was working.

However, some hours later I tried sending a text to another line on the same network and it was #5. I was amazed so I picked up an Airtel line to send a random text to another Airtel line and it was #3 so I want to ask MTN – why is MTN to MTN still #5 while MTN to other networks is #4. Please make me understand, is it that there is a charge that we are not aware of or MTN is simply still the scamming network that it has always been? According to our understanding, it is costlier to reach someone on another network because of interconnection rates and not the other way round?

Irrespective of what their explanations will be, I refuse to believe that it was an oversight. Someone or some people, somewhere deliberately refused to reverse those charges. So I really want to know why intra-network SMS rates are still high despite the reduction mandated by NCC.

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