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logo a Nigerian Social Networking site registered  4th of May 2007 as witnessed a tremendious growth in Less than two years.


Alexa Ranking

Global : 20,810

Nigeria: 45

Total Users: 192,000

Total Visits per day: 15,000

Hot spot on the site: Forum, Confession and Fight park


Right on the homepage you are presented with the signup form just like facebook. It also have updates from its forum just below the form and latest blogs from its blogs features. Interesting things are that it allows you to search for your friends accross various networks which includes; Yahoo mail, Yahoo messenger, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, MSN,, MSN Messenger or Comcast email. With these you can easily get started and create a network for yourself. I also love the designs and color blends. The site is AJAX base which made it qualified as a web 2.0.
Nigerian Content

Majority of the users are Nigerians and activities on the site are Nigerian related.


The language/communication pattern on the site are youthful – user generated. Go to the park – Fight section you will see alot. Well some argument there are interesting and educative. It’s fun all the way for the users.


The site’s privacy policy is well laid out, we advice that the users read them to know how the site operates.


I guess they have couple of staff monitoring the site, a user was recently banned for serial abuse and operating of multiple accounts. That show that they are active!


The educational directory that contains over 7, 000 institutions including all major nigerian universities and world colleges, this enables users to find their old school mates and classmates.


Blackboard & Fight Park: This two section of the site are very interesting and fun. The blackboard gives you free ad space. The good thing about it is that it is monitored, that gives you some level of trust in the links you find on the page.

Fight Park: This section have got people engaging themselves and at the same time catching fun! Unlike the usual forum, fight park creates an intend for engagement. So If you want to argue with someone, or just want to catch fun, you can do it right there.

Estimated Revenue

In their word: “Wouldn’t like this to be published in public, however the outfit runs on a profitable ground.”


Our Comment is definately a place to be if  you are a Nigerian or its friend. You can build your network from there to offline.

We have seen a sharp drop in its Alexa ranking, we thereby advise that the management of the site work on strategies to bring it back up and increase its user base.


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  2. Seun Osewa says:

    I’ve always been extremely skeptical of social networks from a revenue standpoint, so I’m glad to learn that naijapals “runs on a profitable ground”.

  3. Possicon says:

    I guess based on Google adsense. Come to think of it Adsense (contextual ads), are not that effective for a user generated content.

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  5. Campusvill says:

    Nigeria is Improving a lot now.