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  1. […] cash online is by signing up to Pay Per Click or PPC programs like Google Adsense. You must – Nigerian Social Networking Site – 02/12/2009 [ logo] a Nigerian Social Networking site registered  […]

  2. Seun Osewa says:

    I’ve always been extremely skeptical of social networks from a revenue standpoint, so I’m glad to learn that naijapals “runs on a profitable ground”.

  3. Possicon says:

    I guess based on Google adsense. Come to think of it Adsense (contextual ads), are not that effective for a user generated content.

  4. […], in our initial post this site was not mentioned. We wrote a blog post specifically for this site, read here. […]

  5. Campusvill says:

    Nigeria is Improving a lot now.