Nokia Marries Windows Phone: Set to battle Android, iOS and RIM

open-letter-150oxToday will go down in history as the day Nokia reinvented itself or the day it finally nailed its coffin. It’s a day most mobile experts hasve waited for; to see what will happen at Nokia after the famous “Burning Platform” leaked memo. As most people have guessed, Nokia has effectively choose Windows Phone as it’s official Smartphone OS to compete with iOS, Android and RIM.

Is this plan orchestrated by Microsoft?

Nokia’s new Chief Executive (Stephen Elop ) is an ex-Microsoftie, so Microsoft could bank on him that he will not leave Windows for another platform. Conversely, guessing that Microsoft planted Elop could be justified to a certain extent but on the other side, you might want to critically consider Elop decision to choose Windows because of his familiarity (Roadmap, Strategy and Execution experience) with the platform. So, the jury is out, if he is able to bring Nokia back into the battle then, he could be justified because at the end, return to profitability and increase in market share are all that Nokia need now!

Android, iOS and RIM: the “Trinemy” to conquer

Prior to the launch of iPhone by Apple in 2007, if you predicted that Nokia will remain in the driver seat in Smartphone OS, no one will argue with you, but now, the reality is saying different thing. Though, Nokia still remains the leader in the Smartphone market but it’s losing its grip more than its gaining it. As a company, it’s not potending well for it.

Apple has become the leading Technology company in the world, big thanks to the success of iPhone and subsequent innovations. Industry waited to see how far iPhone could go but to their surprise it was already taking over so the waiting had to stop. Many would have expected Nokia to raise up to the challenge but its Executives were more or less lost in past glory and far away from the harsh reality of their sinking ship. It took a management shake-up to wake them up. Google, the giant who saw that the future of computing is mobile and as a  company whose primary source of revenue is ad and not leading in the mobile advertising space took it upon itself to create a mobile platform that would compete with Apple. Today, it’s growing like wildfire and just this week a report signified that it sold more units than iOS. Also on the revenue side, an analyst predicted that Google will be making nothing less than $1 billion anytime soon from it’s “free” Android platform. What a way to give something out for free!

Will Nokia succeed?

Well, one of the hardest part of this world is the ability to predict accurately what the future holds. The smartphone market is being disrupted massively. If Apple was open and expanded to emerging market and on multiple networks in the US, the game would have been different but their decision to remain with ATT up until now gave room for Google and still opening up more for Nokia.

In the end, Elop’s ability to cave out an ecosystem will go a long way to bring back Nokia’s mojo. I would have loved to see Nokia adopt Android, but that would not come from an ex-Microsoftie but all the same, consumers need choices, and Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft will be the choice they need but really, how quick can Nokia Microsoft grow this ecosystem?

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