Nokia may fold up soon?

Really, a few months ago that may be a far-fetched thought but considering the fast pace at which events are unfolding, it won’t be so surprising if it happens in some weeks.

The cellphone manufacturer has decided to sell its international headquarters which is located in Finland. In a bid to raise more cash and stay afloat, it sold the building to another company based in Finland for $222million. However, they will not be moving out since they will be leasing it from the company.

The reason being given is that “owning real estate is not part of Nokia’s core business” but we all know that Nokia has been posting huge losses every quarter since 2011 with the latest one being $755 million for Q3, 2012. So the real reason is definitely to get more income where possible as the opportunity was seemingly too good to pass up.

Nokia is learning, the hard way, what the refusal to innovate can bring about. They went to sleep when they had the highest number of mobile phones on sale and Samsung caught up in the blink of an eye. They hung on to an OS that the world is rejecting and kept producing what the world doesn’t want.

Nokia still has some of the best hardware in terms of durability but they are almost nowhere to be found when it comes to software. They had a great chance when they announced the Nokia Pureview 808 but unfortunately, they still used the Symbian OS on that phone. Seriously, what use is a Symbian phone with a 41 megapixel camera? They could simply have licensed any other OS and that phone would have had more sales.

And in terms of partnership, a Microsoft-Nokia partnership can never upstage a Google-Samsung partnership. Not anytime soon anyway because Microsoft has its own troubles. While the Windows Phone OS is a good OS and one of Microsoft’s good products in quite a while, the fact is two disabled men can’t help themselves. In recent times though, the Nokia Lumia series has shown promise with the release of the Lumia 920 but the truth is, only one functional engine cannot stop an airplane from crashing.

Should we look forward to a time without Nokia phones or will they be rescued for pennies?

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