Surviving the Holidays

As the holidays come upon us, we are supposed to be enjoying it but the reality is that there will terrible traffic and also fuel scarcity coupled with closed shops. So how do we get by? More than ever, commerce is opening up to us and without the attendant increase in prices as will probably be found in local stores.

So here is a list of applications and websites that will probably come in handy when you run into a few hitches.

  1. For Traffic information and all else. The GidiTraffic App – Information on practically anything will need to come from the twitter handle – @giditraffic but for strictly traffic info, you might wanna download the app from the ovi store. Unfortunately, it is only available on the Nokia store.
  2. For Recharge Cards. TopUp Genie is the site to go when you need recharge cards for any network at anytime of the day and they ain’t running out of stock anytime soon.
  3. Traffic information from the Federal Road Safety Corp in partnership with CKN Nigeria – The FRSC has a partnership with CKN Nigeria to report news from all over the country especially from major highways and ‘expressways’ so you can download this app from the BB Appworld for that or you can simply try and follow the facebook page here. Download CKN Nigeria.
  4. For fuel, you will have to stock up on some. Who knows what President Goodluck Jonathan might pull on New Year’s Day?

So please, do enjoy your holidays and keep reading your favourite tech blog. Merry Christmas.

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