Top 20 Nigerian websites worth N.66 billion Naira

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage; so goes the saying! We believe that if we are able to quantify Nigerian websites and internet market as a whole, the better the possibilities of attracting investors. Our last year’s “Nigerian Internet Report” was eye-opening but this year, we have taken it a step further by checking more metrics that gave us sense of how much an internet company/website really worth.

We have outlined here 20 biggest Nigerian web properties for the half-year 2010. The full report will be available by before the end of July. The revelation we got from this makes me want to share with us what is going on in the Nigerian Internet market.

What makes a site worth millions of dollar or even Naira?

Well as it has been revealed by the top internet properties in the world; Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc, the value of what they do and the network effect or number of people who are able to use their services (more than anything else) determines the worth of the companies.

The keywords there are;

  1. Visitors to the site; How many people goes to this site daily, month or year?
  2. Page views: How long do people stay on these sites? How many pages do they view on it?
  3. What they sell: The biggest web property in the world is Google, what do they sell? Ads! To how many people? Millions! Through how many sites? Millions! This includes the visitors to their site and on their network sites. Same goes for Yahoo, Amazon and others.
  4. Consistence: How are they able to sustain this number of visitors over a period of time? Do they grow over the years? Facebook is close to 500million active users now (those who come to the site at least once a month, I bet you go there many times a day)

To arrive at our selection, we have followed most of the sites we profiled for the past 18 months….yes… one and a half years!

So I present to you, a list of top Nigerian Web properties for half-year 2010.

Site Worth (Naira) Rank











































*The calculations were enhanced by ( and our internal historical data of Nigerian websites. The worth may not be perfect but it gives us good sense of what they are like. The sites may be worth more than that using another metric or to the company in question.

We will include more sites to at least 60 sites in our full report. Expect it soon!

What does this mean?

It means that the Nigerian internet market is on the rise, we are still waiting for your own start-up. We expect to see more sites before the end of the year. These are just 20 sites and are worth more than 600 million Naira, wow!

Complete report will be out soon, what do you think?

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  1. mkakan says:

    great to see that Nigerian websites are coming up…

  2. Possicon says:

    Yea! we hope to see more improvements before year-end.

  3. doctorfox says:

    I'm coming for y'all!
    Great work done here Chief – keep it up!

  4. Sege says:

    how did nigeriabestforum make it, when jamb's site didn't?

  5. Possicon says:

    pls check d comment below d table. Jamb site is a seasonal site hence traffic on the site is usually flunctuating. The basis of this analysis is the traffic and popularity. If you are to quantify the cards sales made by jamb, it's a different ball game. do know that most of the exam process is done offline. tnx for dropping by.

  6. Oyelaja Oyekan says:

    How much do these websites turn in daily? Nairaland uses adsense are you telling me adsense made them worth 126m? Visitors don't mean cash!

  7. Possicon says:

    Yea sure! generate majority of its revenue from AdSense while
    mySpace had a $900m adsense deal with Google. It's big money provided you have
    enough visitors. Cheers!

  8. timmynaija says:

    where is

  9. Possicon says:

    oh! it could be among the top 50 that we will publish soon!

  10. Amtechconcepts says:

    by the grace of God, i will start mine soon as a contribution!yeah@!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Possicon says:

    start now, we are waiting.

  12. abbey says:

    u av don a great job possicon. pls kiip it on & let the idea flowing… its appreciable…..

  13. Possicon says:

    Thank you so much Abby! God will help us to do more!

  14. Amtechconcepts says:

    by the grace of God, i will start mine soon as a contribution!yeah@!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Possicon says:

    start now, we are waiting.

  16. abbey says:

    u av don a great job possicon. pls kiip it on & let the idea flowing… its appreciable…..

  17. Possicon says:

    Thank you so much Abby! God will help us to do more!

  18. Naijiria says:

    The point is,are they really cashing in via adsense?In some cases,adsense doesn't really make sense.As you stated the revenue of Linkedin and myspace,i think it will be more realistic if the websites listed above made public there adsense income.The real income and rated value can differ a lot.

  19. Possicon says:

    I doubt if they will be willing to make it public. I think some of them have started making serious money these days!

  20. Alright have you guys heard of yet?.

  21. […] year, I wrote an analysis of Nigeria’s top internet properties and their worths. It totalled about .6billion […]

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