Top Nigerian Entertainment Blogs

Each time I want to follow entertainment news, gossip and rants, sites that come to my mind are the following sites. They are not just static sites but updated virtually everyday. Also their performances reflected quite well in their ranking performance.

  •; Uche Eze the founder was recently featured on CNN, the site is currently our most visited entertainment site in Nigeria. On 20th spot last September, this site is the most vibrant of them all.
  •; updated by Linda Ikeji… a veteran blogger on the Nigerian web scene.
  •; This is online presence of popular Question Mark Magazine, it is also vibrant.
  • This site is also vibrant in the entertainment seen. With neat design and up-to-date content.
  • a newly launched entertainment blog site, it’s gaining traction by the day.
  • First to break the death of popular rap star; Dagrin. It has open offline version and as such, it is taking a back seat online.

These are the top Nigerian sites that are focus on the entertainment industry in the country. Do you know of any other constantly updated sites? Drop in the comment!

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    You forgot Gidilounge!

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  5. sherif says: has also join the trend of top nigerian entertainment website

  6. joshua says: may not be a blog, but trust me, in a few months, that would be naija’s biggest social website…great concept, world class design…i see a bright future!!!…thumbs up guys..

  7. Rich King says:

    Lot of nice bloggers in Nigeria now…i prefer reading this blog :