Using Facebook & Twitter for Marketing: The Nigerian Experience


As notified on our recent post here about the above event, it has come and gone. I was thrilled and happy to see as many as around 700 people gathered under one roof to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter for Business.

The event was put together by SEC (Successful Entrepreneurs Club an offshoot of SADC) to mark its launch and empowerment for its members and the public. I got to the event immediately the discussion about Facebook started, Dennis Isong of, He went deep into Facebook functionality and how to use it to build relationship and promote business. I will say particular that, knowledge never ends and staying under the roof for the lecture was indeed a great opportunity to learn more.  He discussed about Facebook products that are made for marketing, how to use them and the benefits for business. Talking extensively on Lexicon, Marketplace applications and many others, Dennis took his time to study and put together this lecture. He stressed the importance of building relationship for repeated business transaction.

Interview With Dennis Isong

Having discussed Facebook, Dennis dived into Twitter, explaining the keywords to the participants and their functionalities. Dennis laid emphasis on Twitter tools like; Tweetdeck, Splitweet and others by giving insight into how we can reduce time spent on the social networks with the help of these tools.

Interview with Dennis

After the event, the attendees (mostly marketers) looked more ready to use social media with their new-found knowledge.

As we continued the adoption of social media in Nigeria, I see more businesses adopting these tools.

This marks a new chapter in Social Media in Nigeria, as the marketers have armed themselves with these weapons, how are you deploying social media for your business and personal use?

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  1. Man this is so good

    of you.i regret missing

    this seminar.thanks and

    God bless you.

  2. Wayan says:

    Okay, so what are the high points, the takeaways, the big picture ideas of how to use Facebook or Twitter to market in Nigeria?

  3. fela says:

    u need some basic research before writing articles about webtrend in africa/nig. I say this because u make no mention to microblogs repping/surging in africa and nigeria…,, just saying fam !

  4. Possicon says:

    Hi Fela,
    thanx for your response! The event was all about Twitter and Facebook.
    I guess it was beyond the scope of the speaker’s message.

  5. Possicon says:

    Hi Fela,
    thanx for your response! The event was all about Twitter and Facebook.
    I guess it was beyond the scope of the speaker’s message.
    Though I make use of the tools you mentioned.

  6. Dennis Isong says:

    @ fela ,Thanks for your comment on this post.

    I also use those tools you mention but I decided to focus the seminar on only this two social networking site alone.

    That was the focus.Maybe some other time I will come with others.

    All of them all work with almost the same principles.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Dennis Isong