What company would you want to work for?

Some days back, LinkedIn posted an infographic about the most sought-after companies globally and it so happened that tech companies dominated that list with Google coming at Number 1 in three different categories including Software Engineering jobs, Marketing jobs and jobs for Students and recent graduates (I will like to call that internship and entry-level).

Of all the companies listed in the top 20, less than half have official representation in Nigeria and it seems most of their talents are not locally sourced even if they are Nigerian. Taking a good look at the major innovations in the tech industry for the past few years, most of them have come through Nigerians who at some point or the other had to study outside the shores of this country. However the discussion about the state of our educational system is not for today?

Most developers now want to set up on their own and become the next big thing not because it is that easy but majorly because the possibility of breaking into that tech elite group is next to impossible if they are not exceptional or if they are not from outside the country. Question now is, are the graduate products of Nigerian Universities not good enough to secure a place into these top 20 companies on merit (without getting any form of education offshore)?

And although the list cuts across sectors, it is obvious that tech companies are the next big thing. So which tech company would you like to work for and why?

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