What is the job of IT units in Nigerian universities?

A few months ago, GTBank re-designed their website and when we first sighted it, we noted it only for it to be taken down some hours later. It turned out that they were still testing it at that time.

University of Lagos‘ website is currently showing a re-designed home page right now and when we first spotted it, we thought it was being tested. However, few days after, it has not been taken down. That in itself is not exactly new but the fact that every other page apart from the homepage is still sporting their old look is what is baffling us.

If you will re-design your website, wouldn’t you do a full scale top-down overhaul rather than a one-page-make over.

Whoever is in charge of the UNILAG website obviously needs to be reminded that UNILAG is supposed to be a world-class institution (even if we know it is not there yet), therefore its online image is not something that you toy with. Putting up a home page re-design is definitely a good way to let the world how ‘competent’ you are. If they are trying to get popular opinion about a new design, they could simply have put that on a sub-domain or directory and ask for people’s opinion but not by putting up a half-done page.

I took the liberty of checking out the company behind it (mooreadvice) and it turns out that they have a very well designed web presence so why can’t they simply replicate that for the great university. I wonder why the project was outsourced in the first place when the school owns one of the best IT units in Nigerian universities. It simply means that the University itself doesn’t believe in the capability of CITS to handle such a project.

At this point, there are already several other questions burning in my mind but I will ask just one – what is the job of IT units in Nigerian universities (apart from being reputed for having the tallest height)?

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