While some are testing, some are already prepared.

When the Nigerian Communications Commission announced that Mobile Number Portability was going to be available later this year, many a Nigerian was happy because it signaled the end of the era when we were enslaved to our SIM cards, and our networks, by extension. Most people already knew which network they were going to port to while some people are waiting to see which will be best for them.

However, on the side of the service providers, the general idea is that the service is being tested by specific subscribers preferably their top technical or management guys but while I was fooling around with the SIM Toolkit of the most innovative network in Nigeria right now, I saw something and I was surprised. So I asked one of their top guys and he said, they (the network) are beyond testing and are just waiting for the moment when NCC asks them to go live because they expect subscribers to migrate heavily to the network.


In other words, while other networks are still testing, a certain network is simply waiting for the green light before they announce because anyone with a recent SIM card from that network can port a number because I already tried to port one. You can guess which network is ready, want to share?

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